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Environment Clearance Management in Delhi NCR

The Environment Clearance Management includes the inclusive study of present Environment Status along with the probable impacts of upcoming project/activity and the mitigation measures. Sagar & Co. sets up the baseline information on all the required aspects viz. Air Environment, Water Environment, Noise environment, Land Environment, Socio economic environment, Ecological environment etc.

Sagar & Co. is a key environment clearance management in delhi ncr, takes on the consultancy and technical liaison for getting the No Objection Certificate(NOC), Consolidated Consents & Authorization (CC&A). The services provided in this concern can vary from guidance in filling up forms; assessment of the environment management system, answering the queries and any such correspondence.

We works on following areas :

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) i.e. Consent to Establish (CtE).
  • Consent to Operate (CtO).
  • Consent under Water Act., 1974.
  • Consent under Air Act., 1981.
  • Authorization for Hazardous wastes (Management &Handling Rules –1989).
  • framed under EP Act. 1986.
  • Environmental Statement (Form V).
  • Hazardous Waste related details (Form III and Form IV).